Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Traveling in style - luggage

Globe Trotter Orient Luggage
When the designers at Globe-Trotter set out to create a distinct series to serve as the pinnacle of its suitcase collection, they looked to the interior finish of the famous Orient Express passenger train. That same finish is replicated on the company's Orient line by a single craftsman in Japan who applies 10 coats of an Urushi varnish to each suitcase. "What that finish gives us - you get a unique patina to the case," says Gary Bott, Globe-Trotter's brand director.

Made from Vulcanized Fibreboard, each Globe-Trotter piece also includes leather trimming and silk lining. Those materials are a part of hte company's DNA, says Bott, who also explains that each suitcase in the seven-piece collection is still made by hand using original, Victorian-era machinery. In fact, the largest Globe-Trotter suitcase is now only 33 inches because the machinery used to make the company's largest pieces, such as wardrobe cases, was melted down for ammunition during World War II.

"We could invest in newer machinery, but we'd have lost part of the feeling of what really goes into a Globe-Trotter suitcase," Bott says. "It's not a very practical decision, but we're incredibly protective of the heritage of the brand."

Price: £7,090 or about $11,260.00

This is not a cheap luggage, you can pass it down to your children or grand children!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

World's Most Expensive Men's Shoes

A. Testoni Offers World's Most Expensive Men's Shoes

For the astronomical price of $38,000 per pair, Italian luxury leather goods label A. Testoni is now offering the world's most expensive men's dress shoes. Testoni, founded in Bologna in 1929 by Amedeo Testoni, painstakingly handcrafts the Moro monk-strap model in the world's finest exoticalligator skin using the techniques of Norvegese, or Norwegian construction, for durability and added water resistance. Stiched with custom-made linen twine, the shoes are lined with glove-soft goatskin and adorned with a rich but discreet gold and diamond buckle. To make the eye-poppingly elegant footwear Testoni also employs a second proprietary process, called the piuma rapid, which requires some 200 manual operations to complete. Each pair is made up, deconstructed, and then put back together again in a patented method that results in a shoe as light as a feather yet which guarantees protection from hot, cold and humid weather.

Source: Luxist

ostrich skin


Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Biedermeier Chaise Longue

Such a beautiful Biedermeier chaise longue
from Sweden
Circa 1820-1830

Rupert Cavendish Antiques
610 Kings Road
London, UK SW6 2DX

Military men coat from UK designer,
Carolyn Massey

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beautiful Day

Wishing you a Beautiful Day!

Instead of e-card, you can create
your own card,
using any images
you can find,
or better using your own photograph.

I find this is more personal,
and showing your creativity.

Don't you think so?

You need to know how to use photoshop
or any software
that can help you to create your own card.



Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For Your Heart - Home Medicine

I received this "prescription" from a friend,
every ingredient is natural,
it would do good than harm.

Good health
is the foundation
of beautiful living.

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