Friday, October 30, 2009

Beautiful Living: Elegant Bathroom Accessories

House guests would be delighted
with this extra touch in the bathroom.

placed a bar of soap on the dish,
filled the swab jar with colorful bath salt
and wrapped with organza fabric for your guests as welcome gifts.


- soap dish can be used as a card holder or keys or paper clips holder
- turn the soap dish around and it is a candle holder for 3" dia candle

24% Lead Crystal from Europe
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elements oF Style - Mirror

In the mood for the by gone era Rococo carved mirrors ...

Magnificent George III carved giltwood oval mirrors in the manner of Thomas Johnson (1714 - 1778), each illustrating Aesop's fable, "The fox and the stork"; each oval crested frame reticulated with scrolling foliage, C-scrolls ...

A leading London carver and gilder, Johnson was among the foremost exponents of the Rococo and the author of several highly influential collections of designs published in the 1750's and 1760's. His work is principally characterized by the use of naturalistic and pastoral ornament, particularly trees, which commonly form the principal of his designs. Provenance: Lord Deveen, Deveen Brothers; The Marsden S. Perry Collection, dispersed 1936; Douglas Dillion; Devenish & Co.

in the mood for Chippendale ...

A superb George III giltwood mirror in the Chippendale taste, decorated with a leaf capped pagoda crest above C-scrolls, naturalistic scrolling branches to the sides with very finely detailed ho-ho birds, the base centering a swan with...

The use of a carved seated swan with outstretched winds is rare, and was only used as a crest by the Barttelot, Benvill, Blanchford, Brodhurst and Sellar families.

a white painted Rococo mirror ...

A George II white-painted border glass mirror in the Rococo taste with a finely carved foliate frame featuring a wreath and bowknot. Original paint refreshed. Provenance: Earnshill, Somerset, a 'Palladian Villa' completed in 1731...

All images and descriptions from
Kentshire Antique


Monday, October 26, 2009

Nothing Last Forever - Coney Island

If Paris is France,
CONEY ISLAND, between June and Sept,


Coney Island will be demolished to make way for new constructions with the exception of a few landmark pieces. Steven and I decided to take a train ride out there to catch a glimpse of the past glory of this historic amusement park.

By clicking on the image below, you can read the history and see some amazing glory past of Coney Island until the fire came and destroyed most of it.
Lamarcus Thompson's Switchback Railroad was the world's first roller coaster - 1884.

Last stop ...
Steamships, arriving at the Coney Island's Iron Pier,
brought tourists from New York City. - 1890's

click on image to enlargeBeing around since 1916 ...
click on image to enlargeShore Hotel ...

"Old man and the sea"...

If Paris is France, CONEY ISLAND, between June and Sept,

lovers basking under the sun ...

an easy day at the beach ...

Photographer at Coney Island ...

Palm tree ...
Boy playing water ...

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - 50th Anniversary

a beautiful fall morning in NYC ...

Since Guggenheim Museum opened in 1959, it has been considered as one of the most renowned buildings constructed in this century, it was designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
The museum celebrates the 50th anniversary by hosting a major exhibition of Kandinsky's art that will remain on view through Jan 13, 2010. The museum waived the admission fees on Oct 21 to mark the celebration.
It was a beautiful day in NYC, I was convinced by friends to join in the line to take advantage of the free admission; I am very lucky that the museum is in my hood, it took me just a few to get there.
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As we reached the top floor, a passage brought us to a huge square room with very high ceiling, we saw a shimmering gold beaded curtain from ceiling to floor, sweeping around each time people getting in or out. As we passed through the curtain, a sheet of gold was placed in the middle of the floor; we were told it weighted 2 lbs. Voila!
1866 - 1944
~ Couple Riding ~
1906 Oil on canvas
~ Autumn Landscape with Boats ~
Oil on canvas

~ Composition IV ~
Oil on canvas

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Elements oF Style - Ceiling Light

Hand crafted light fixture

Last night IIDF meeting was held at Bright Group Showroom located at 200 Lexington, everyone was excited sharing about new marketing plan one has for the new season and in 2010. Meanwhile, I spotted a few light fixture that I like in the showroom, they are great for residential and hospitality projects.
This hand-blown glass collection from Charles Loomis, it is elegant and make a statement either in an updated classic to contemporary interior. There are 3 choices of colors and available diameters from 24" to 36". I love the amber color the most but it is all depends on the color scheme and other elements in a space.

~ Patois Frizzante Pendant ~

~ Pallina Pendant ~The Pallina pendant available in a variety of glass bubble textures, colors and configurations; and diameters from 8 - 14". I like the glass ball with beads, it gives an interesting texture.

~Stix Pendant~
This small pendant caught my attention as well, it available in 9" to 15" diameters. This would be great for a small space or use as a pair in a dining room.

All images from Bright showroom
For more information on products
contact Walter Van Der Wahl
at Bright showroom

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