Sunday, August 9, 2009

Limoges, France

Le Poudrier
87000 Limoges
The express train from Toulouse to Limoges was very comfortable, and along the way, there were so many picturesque country views, making the whole journey so pleasant.

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Limoges is a tiny town, and it was known for its medieval enamels, for its 18th century porcelain and for its oak barrels which are used for Cognac production.
When I arrived Le Poudrier, my eyes and mouth were wild opened, and my heart was singing. This was a charming french country that I have been dreaming for years!
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It was such a beautiful and quaint country ... you could hear birds chirping, the trees ruffling in the air, the humming sounds of the close by stream formed a background melody, occasionally you could hear soft voices talking ... that moment,...
I wish I could be a painter, put on a painter cap and coat, stretched my easel and brought out watercolors and brushes, and started to paint. Or I could be a writer, set up a little wicker desk and chair under the tree, an old typewriter and a pot of tea, and began writing a great novel or a huge movie script! Well, none of the above, my head was light and I couldn't suppress my excitements further, I was dancing with butterflies and birds, flowers and trees, and summer breezes in the garden. And later plopped on a garden chaise, indulged myself basking under the warm sun and sipping my wine away!
Susanne, I met her on the trip and I called her sugar because she told me most people and all her grandchildren called her sugar. She was a lovely charming lady from Houston, we became best friend since. She traveled with her elder son, Jeff, who also became my buddy. Susanne always impeccably dressed at breakfasts, luncheons and afternoon teas, and of course at dinners; she was no doubt a classy lady from the South. I simply adored her!
Lunch was served outdoor, the running stream created a very lively musical notes; sipping wines, eating cheeses, pates and baguettes. Life was simply great. I had "confi de canard" for entree, a little heavy for lunch but hey, my appetite became so good in this fresh country air! And of course, I would never skip my creme brulee and coffee either!
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