Monday, August 31, 2009

Remembering of Princess Diana

~ People Princess ~
I remember where I was the evening when I first heard the news of Princess Diana was in a car accident. I glued to the TV all night to follow the news until dawn. When she was announced dead, I was shocked and didn't believe it was real. Later I was so sad beyond my own comprehension!

When she got married to Prince Charles in 1981, the whole world watching her wedding. My late grandparents watched the Royal Wedding in a small 24" TV in Malaysia. I remembered everyone was happy. It was a fairy tale in this less-than-perfect life.
I adored Princess Di, her beauty, her aura, her story. I would read anything I came across about her. I felt good just to read something about her ... even the not-so-pleasant news. It was a sort of energy, guess that translated as a source of inspiration?
A special memorial service was held in Central Park a few weeks after her death. I attended. It gave some comforts to be among thousands of other people attended the service. Now she is gone for 12 years! And yet the world is still very much remembering of her. May her soul rest in peace.


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