Monday, June 29, 2009

Elements oF Style: "Pillow Talk"

Dress up your chairs or sofa with pillows, not only it provides comfort, it also serves as a decorative punch. It depends on your wallets, pillows comes in various constructions, fabrics, styles, trims, shapes and sizes. An uninviting living room, bedroom, boudoir or den may take on a totally new dimension with the addition of the right pillows. Tips: The least costly way to bring colors into your living areas.

Below decorative pillow collection is inspired by the soothing patterns and warm, elemental colors that I encountered on my travels throughout Asia. They evoke images of the Forbidden Palace in China, ancient temples in Japan and Thailand, and a rare, intricate python skins from Cambodia. Materials used are silk and ultra-suede, many details are hand-fashioned, all covers are proudly made in New York City.

IN New York Magazine Winter 2009

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