Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Morning at Southey Farm, Devon, England

A Quiet Country Morning ...

First love is a little foolish and a lot of curiosity.
~ George Bernard Shaw ~

First love is always so fresh and memorable.
Southey Farm is the first English farm I have ever visited;
indeed I spent a few summers there in the 2000s.
It was just like the first love.

I still remember the feeling of country mud
sticking all over my boots,

the smell of Devon country earth, the smell of apple & plum trees
in the orchard,

the worms in the herb garden, the frogs underneath the stones,
the sound of the old tractor, and the loft and especially the kitchen ...

those memories are just like kaleidoscope,
all fragments coming together

forming one pattern to the next swiftly - very colorful.

Several mornings, I was up early as usual,
taking a walk across the meadow with my camera ...

click on image to enlarge

Richard's sheep from the next farm coming through ...
misty and frost on the ground ...
a bright morning ...
Road leading to Southey ...
a peaceful morning before workers arrived ...Richard's farm dogMr B's logs

Charming Boy Henry racing across the meadow ...
Landlord Mr Green ... and his logs.

More on Southey Farm
coming soon

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