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Ana Tzarev Gallery - Grace oF Africa

A morning in a Manhattan Art Gallery with Christopher Ong ...

Ana Tzarev Art Gallery "Grace oF Africa"
New York New York
It was a chilly Saturday morning in New York City, Christopher Ong called with his energized voice. “Good morning! What a lovely morning! Wanna come with me to meet Ana Tzarev?”

“When? … ” I asked in my sleepy voice.

“This morning at 11.30 AM. Sorry for such short notice. Ana came 2 days ago and she’s leaving this afternoon for Europe and then Asia. She won’t be back in NYC until 2010 summer.”

"I travel through time
I record my experiences in paintings
and leave them as postcard for future generation."

~Ana Tzarev~

Christopher Ong, an interior lifestyle designer based in Manhattan, had previously briefed me about Ana Tzarev Art Gallery. I always trust Christopher’s recommendations and his passion for life is so contagious! Without any delay, I jumped out of bed and got myself ready to travel uptown.

As you enter the 2-story glass front gallery, on West 57th Street, you’re greeted with 2 larger than life, standing Buddha in shimmering gold on each side of the entrance. A staircase swept around the circular shape glass elevator brings you to the second floor. Christopher and Ana walked up the stairs and communicated enthusiastically. Ana, with well coiffed platinum grey hair, looked elegant in her black pant suit detailed with a gold-diamond frog brooch on the lapel. A strand of pearls hugged her neck, while Christopher Ong looked dandy in his fitted grey jacket and black pants, topped with a Charlie Chaplin hat. Both complimented each other and generated vibrant energy together!
Ana Tzarev, a 73-year-old Croatian-born artist, grew up with the inspiring presence of Renaissance art and heritage culture that has existed for centuries. She later moved to New Zealand, Australia and traveled widely in the Asia Pacific region. She had developed a deep interest in the arts of Japan and Thailand. Ana also spent years studying horticulture and has done many floral paintings.
The current exhibition is “Grace of Africa” - an exhibition featuring paintings inspired by Ana's extensive travels throughout the African continent. Tzarev captures the spirit of the region through portraits, market scenes and dance ceremonies in a range of works celebrating daily life and local culture. She conveys her witness of the challenges of war, disease and famine through the powerful images of suffering women and children.
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Ana works on many large-scale paintings, using massive amounts of pure and vibrant colors, and often applies the paints straight from the tube, with finger, directly on the canvas which creates a sculptural texture. The images are powerful and the colors are vibrant. It yields tremendous energy and emotions.

Photographer: Steven Speliotis

Text: K Olivier

for more information on Ana Tzarev
Diane Buckley
Gallery Director

Justin Warner

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