Friday, November 13, 2009

Elements oF Style - Lanterns

" Faith means living with uncertainty -
feeling your ways through life,
letting your heart guide you like
a lantern in the dark"

~Dan Millman~

Lanterns were not decorative but rather utilitarian in the past eras. Today, lanterns are decorative element though it is still can be used as a form of lighting for interior or exterior spaces.

I am fond of these lanterns I came across recently. These lanterns not only create visual drama but also atmospheric illumination. It can be hung alone or as a pair, could be at the foyer, or powder room, living or dining room, in the bedroom or hallways, an elongated lantern can be hung in the stairwell ... there are so many options, so many shapes, colors and finishes. Your interior designer/decorator can help you to make a great decision.

This is a charming lantern from Lampworks
can be used in a foyer or bedroom or hallway or powder room.

These two lanterns from William Sanoma,
aren't they lovely in the living area or bedroom?

These pairs of early 20th century wrought iron Spanish Lanterns
from Amy Perlin Antiques (1stbids).

This can be hung above a long wood dining table in a high ceiling dining hall,
these 43 1/4" H lanterns would look stunning.

This elongated lantern is 10"W x 26"H from Lampworks,
it is best hung as a pair in a foyer or a long hallway with high ceiling,
it could also be used in a stairwell.

This carved rosewood Chinoiserie lantern- hexagonal shaped,
from Object Plus New York (1stbids).
This create drama visual in a Chinoiserie foyer
or bedroom or stairwell.

Swedish Neoclassical Brass and glass lantern from H M Luther.
This is a candle lantern but can be readily electrified.

chinoiserie Lantern


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