Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FRAGANCE: Patchouli-Fig

The heady, exotic scent of patchouli reminds me of that opulent by gone era ....

Growing up in Malaysia, I loved the ritual my grandmother “Kian”(strong woman) would perform when she placed her delicate dresses in storage. She packed them lovingly with shards of dried patchouli to deter moths. The heady exotic scent of patchouli reminds me of that opulent, bygone era when Malaysian women dressed in traditional finery. Fig adds an ideal complimentary note – a delightful touch of East meets West.

This candle will illuminate and inspire your private moments, home and dreams.

Made in France
60 burning hour

Additional fragrances below, click on image to find out more.

212 831 2798
Launching event at Takashimaya New York


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