Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery - Michael Goedhuis

M i c h a e l G o e d h u i s
Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery

In the recent years, Chinese contemporary art has emerged in the art-world spotlight. I first came across when I was invited to Michael Goedhuis Chinese Contemporary Art event at The Southey's New York. It was quite an event, a night with art and fashion.

Artist: Fang Ku
See What You Do II, 2009

Graphite, watercolor, ink on paper

China has produced art for thousands of years, but contemporary art is something very recent. It has gained interests in the art world quickly, and increase number of collectors thus with a corresponding rise in value.

Artist: Tong Yangtze
A Perfect Square Has No Corners (Da Fang Wu Yu), 2007
Ink on gilded paper

Michael Goedhuis, a distinguished looking gentleman with Dutch heritage who attended Eton college in England and other European universities, he has such an impressive and respectable international background, a very upbeat and joyous personality. He has such fine eyes for Chinese contemporary art, I have began to learn more each time I go to his gallery located at an Upper East Side townhouse.
I am very lucky to become his friend; and he is always very supportive and encouraging and a source of inspiration indeed.

Michael Goedhuis

Artist: Zeng Shanqing
Horse with Saddle, 2007

Chinese ink & color on rice paper

Artist: Gu Gan
Ink on paper
Artist: Zeng Xiaojun
Beijing Jietai Temple: Ancient Pine Tree, 2004
Ink and colour on paper
Irene Kung
London House of Parliament, 2008
Photographic print on rag paper

Artist:Fang Jun
Reciting Poems on the West Tavern , 2008
Ink on paper

All photographs from Michael Goedhuis Chinese Contemporary gallery
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