Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beautiful Living: Fall Floral arrangement

A morning in NYC flower market ....

Flower market is one of my favorite places in the city. One can see all kinds of flowers from all over the world at this one block in NYC!
These are all flower wholesalers, they started in the morning around 4.00 AM, and this area used to become a dead zone after 1 PM. The city began to change the business zone here a few years ago, and now there is a hotel right in the middle of this block. Rumors that city might move flower market out of Manhattan island, I can't imagine when that day comes, it would be a disaster for many!
I was in flower market with Lady Amy, the wife of the Malaysian Ambassador to The United Nations. She requested me to do a floral arrangement for her husband's office in the Missions. I opposed silk flowers and so I suggested to do a fall foliage that would last for a while. We visited some of the suppliers I know in the market.
In the office there are two huge paintings in the reception area, I extracted the colors out from the painting, mainly green, orange and various shades of brown.
I am very fond of Chinese lantern, the orange color is so vibrant and the color remains even when it is dried. Magnolia leaves is another fondness of mine, one side is green and the reversed side is the rich cinnamon brown. I wanted to add some height to the arrangement, I used some rich brown stained skinny bamboo since pussy willow is not in season until October. The urn we used was glazed in copper brown.

This arrangement can last for months.
The trick is no water.

Voila!click on image to enlarge

Photographer: Steven Speliotis

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