Monday, September 21, 2009

Elements oF Style: Four-poster Bed

~ Luxury Four-poster Bed ~

Four-poster bed is luxury.
It can create a focal point in the bed room.
It captures some of the beauty from the old world.
I like some of these 4-poster beds.
In the old days, bed curtains were hanged around the bed to keep out draughts. Today with the modern insulation, bed curtains are purely decorative. In the tropical countries, mosquito netting is hanged surround the bed to keep out of mosquitoes and bugs and this is still used today in some countries.
This is a 4-poster mahogany bed from Jamaica.
English colonial Caribbean style.
Nicely carved, captured the old colonial era.
It has luxurious appeal.

A modern interpretation of the four-poster bed from Ralph Lauren
is a cast in steel with a black industrial finish.
Safari 4-poster bed from Ralph Lauren.
Captured the old world of the early explorers in Africa

These are from John Reeve.
It comes in Black, White and Red.
These are whimsical and elegant.

This makes four-poster bed young again!

Tips on dressing a four-poster bed:
  • Keep the sheets and blankets all tuck in. A nice duvet can leave out as above.
  • A four-poster bed is dramatic enough without adding a lot of frills. Stay simple.
  • No bed skirt or dust ruffles. Can consider to drape feather weight gauzy fabric around to create some drama effects.
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