Friday, July 3, 2009

Garden: Hidcote Manor Garden

Hidcote Manor Garden

Andrew was absolutely right about Hidcote Manor Garden, 
it simply took my breath away.
Hidcote Manor Garden is a landscape garden located at the northern end of the Cotswolds, with its pleasant 18th century manor house, 280 acres of farmland and a lovely view west over the Vale of Evesham to Bredon Hill. 

Hidcote is an English-Italian Arts & Crafts garden, created by American-born horticulturalist Major Lawrence Johnston, it is known to be an English-Italian Arts & Craft garden and is one of Europe’s most famous. The Garden takes the form of a series of outdoor "rooms", each with its own unique character and theme created by the creative use of box hedges, hornbeam and yew and stone walls.

This is the view looking through the gazebo, in the Southerly direction.
The long lawn beyond, which is bordered by tall hornbeam hedges, is called the Long Walk.
Since there are many "rooms", it is very interesting to browsing from one room to another. Some of the "rooms" are not big, but it always punctuated with a focus point, could be a pond, a topiary, or a color. It is simply a spectacular garden! One should have time to admire each room, ... stop and smell the roses or sit at a bench and listening to the birds chirping or simply gazing down The Long Walk. I could have indulged myself day-dreaming all day, then came Andrew's voice: Tea time!

Life is beautiful when you take time to smell your tea!
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  1. Your photographs are lovely..
    These gardens are beautiful places, you have captured the essence of them.

    1. @ david from London - Thank You. I love Hidcote Garden. Would love to visit that in different season! You must have know this garden pretty well!