Monday, July 6, 2009

Beautiful Living: The Bath - Your Private Oasis.

... cleanse away all the unwanted negative energy and be a whole new person!
Going to spa is a luxury lifestyle! It depends on your wallets, it is a great way to indulge yourself, a great way to relax and take away some of your stress. However, balancing one’s stressful life in a big city, one needs to do more than just making plan to go to spa.

You could have a stressful day or rough week at work, it would be great that your appointment with a spa happens to be later today or tomorrow. If not, unless you know someone's someone who can get you an appointment immediately (tomorrow? 3 days from now? or next week if you are lucky!), and your schedule allows you to take off from work or business! Well then, you may end up venting your problems with your buddies at happy hour until late! And later dragging your tired mind and worn out body back home.

How about create an instant spa at home? Dip yourself into a warm sensual bath?
* Fill the tub with warm water*
* bubble bath, bath oil, bath salt, soap*
* Light a couple of perfumed candles*
* play your soothing music*
* a glass of your favorite wine*
* sprinkle some floral petals into the bath*
This is not the ultimate prescription to solve any problems you may have … but a beautiful-living idea to create an instant spa to relax; it is a fast and economical way, and it is right at your home.
Tips: In the bath, try to shut off your mind … close your eyes, sipping your wine, listening to your music, smell the beautiful fragrance of perfumed candle, the bubble bath oil soothes your skin and body. Simply indulge yourself in your own private oasis. This is a precious moment with yourself!

The whole process is relaxing and cleanse all the unwanted negative energy!
And when you get out of the bath, you feel like a whole new person!

You don’t have to agree with me, just love yourself and be reasonable to give you a chance to relax!

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