Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WHERE do I get my flowers?

Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers
feed also the soul.

~ The Koran ~

Fresh flowers have great fragrances and they are beautiful to look at. Flowers do make your soul feel good!

Since ancient time, flowers have been used to express love. Today, we send flowers for celebration such as weddings, birthdays, new offices, graduations and retirements; or get-well wishes to someone in the hospital or someone lost a special one.

Floral arrangement is an art. It is a serious art in Japan especially. I often enjoy getting my flowers from the flower market and make my own arrangements, but it is very time consuming and humanly impossible to make your own floral arrangement each time you have to send someone flowers. Time is limited living in a city such as Manhattan, so one has to know a florist whom you could call and count on when needed to send beautiful flowers.

Bloom Flower in Manhattan, takes floral arrangement very seriously. And all the flower arrangements are so dramatic, artistic and captivating. Below are just a few floral arrangements from Bloom Flower. For more details go to www.bloomflower.com or call 212 832 8094 and ask for Kim Terrone.

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