Monday, July 13, 2009

Art oF Living: Summer Floral Arrangement

Summer is here!
Many parties are going on in the city's rooftops or terraces, country or beach houses,
guests come in light linen or cotton gauze outfits or sarongs or Bermuda shorts,
plenty of white or pastel palette ...

a touch of tropical flair in floral arrangement
would be very chic.
Orchids, bamboo, elephant ears, hanging votive candles .....

Outdoor and Indoor.
Covered a long table top with wheat grass for food or desserts.

Draped a few ivy leaves. A huge Chinese clay pot bursting with tropical delights.
Detailed with butterflies.

Used a colorful straw mat wrapped around orchids, miniature pineapples and greens.

Hung it on a door or any spot that guests can envy your creations.
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