Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ART: French Block-Printed Wallpaper

Tours, France.
Atelier D'offard, a small company in Tours, France, specializing in traditional block-printed wallpaper. An ancient technique incorporated with new technologies allow the atelier to make exact reproductions of historical designs which are then used by private individuals, decorators, museums and public institutions to create or restore their decorative heritage. FRANÇOIS-XAVIER RICHARD, the director of the Atelier, was very passionate and enthusiastic explaining how the wallpapers are made.
With the improved technology, the process for Block-printed wallpaper is still very labor intensive, it is an art indeed! This Atelier also makes embossed and velvet flocked wallpaper. Every stage needs to be very precise and thus skillful workmanship is crucial. Each roll of wallpaper is 6 meters long. It was great to see some young French men picking up this skill again.
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