Thursday, September 10, 2009

French Handicraft Ceramic

The beautiful work of art

cannot be explained.

It does not want to prove anything;

it is not aimed at understanding

but at sensitivity.

~ Fernand L├ęger ~

I meet Christine Waxweiler during my trip to France, and I was taken by the art work she created. I am very fond of the pieces in organic form, and yet it is still contained. Materials used are earthenware, stoneware or porcelain, and fired at the temperature of 1265 degree.

Creating each piece is a process, the artist may be sculpting or adding, give each piece a different expressions and patterns. Some pieces may be hand brushed with several layers of enamels, and some detailed with gold leaf. Each piece is signed with the artist's name "Wax".

Every piece is unique and has it own characteristic. These pieces are very French and yet have the Japaneses' sensitivity. I would say this is really East-meets-West!

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