Friday, August 26, 2011

Still Life

“Imagination is everything.
It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”
~ Albert Einstein

Below the bench is from Chista
and the painting I used photoshop to create.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Sun House in Singapore

Guz Architects have designed the Sun House in Singapore.

Description from the architects:
The sun house is a relatively compact house for Singapore on a roadside corner plot in an established bungalow area. We endeavoured to make the most of the site by pushing the main ‘L’ shape of the building to the rear.  This then created an open courtyard which was private but with still a feeling of openness  on the relatively  densely constucted site, thus still allowing for good views and airflow.  We used the ponds and pool as cooling elements for the building as well as visual focal points.  Volumes and space were maximised as much as possible by sharing the open staircase and double height living space with the courtyard area. At the end of the day the house was also designed around the owner, who had a lovely collection of artwork and sculptures and this inspired the creation of a large solid wall with niches which housed his artworks as well as giving the building an anchor on which to expand other spaces.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Unusual Lounge Chair by PP Mobler

The award-winning lounge chair designed by PP Mobler

Do I like this chair?
Not when I first looked at it, and as I studied it carefully, I've grown to like it!
"The chair design acknowledges the early modernism of Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier, albeit re-interpreting the modesty of less is more and function-determines shape, in Scandinavian." ( Guz House)
A very industrial edge of a steel frame with the barbarian opulence of long haired sheepskin - that's ying and yang, it soften the rough look. And the plaited flag upholstering and the contemporary pillow, making this lounge chair very luxurious and arrogant relaxation experience; and it would make a statement in any living space!
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Lakewood House by Centerbrook Architects & Planners

At first glance a visitor may think they needed to make a reservation before arriving, but this 8500sqf dream home is in fact just that, a residence.  The Lakewood House designed by Centerbrook Architects and Planners is set in the depths of the forest, off of a wooded peninsula with the lake shoreline lying just beyond a protective visual layer of green.
Integrated fully into its setting, the Connecticut home has a whimsical exterior and very rustic interior that is welcoming to both onlookers and guests.  The project has been noted for its design, as it utilizes a closed-loop geothermal heating and cooling system, natural and local materials, and passive solar design.
The sun’s warmth is absorbed in the stone fireplace and interior walls to radiate heat at night.  High return air registers distribute the natural warmth, along with that of the high-efficiency, wood-burning Russian stove.  The recyclable galvalume roof, white to reflect summer sun and reduce a cooling need, was selected for its durability and for clean runoff.
Lakewood House
The home is a collection of buildings including the main house, guest house, workshop, boathouse, and additional smaller buildings.  The decision was thoughtfully made to not including carpeting, but rather area rugs.
Cabinets, floors, and ceilings were crafted from cheery wood harvested from the property itself.  The surrounding forests is managed professionally to provide varied wildlife habitat and view shed.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Taste & Oreo Cookie

 "Good taste is the excuse I've always given
for leading such a bad life"
~ Oscar Wilde ~

He has all what he wanted in his playroom
but he still wants Oreo cookie!
Magnificent pocket watch from 

Art Deco Tea-Coffee Serving Set
Art Deco Coffee/Tea Service
France Circa 1930

5pc Set includes Coffe pot, tea pot, covered sugar bowl,creamer and tray. 
Stylized hive design of concentric rings create a glamourous deco design with walnut accents.

Lounge chair from Valdichienti, Italy.

Boots from Louise Vuitton

New Apple Iphone 5
available in October, 2011.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Living in a Trailer?

How do you like living in a trailer like this?

It would be very comfortable and stylish to bring this
trailer to go for a holiday weekend with your loved one!
click on image to enlarge
The two-storey mobile estate, known as The Heat, is 53ft long. This trailer designed by Ron Anderson of Anderson Mobile Estates, these mobile behemoths are built to the stars’ specifications. This trailer is for Ashton Kutcher's living while filming "Two And A Half Men".
With side sections and a second floor that hydraulically emerge from the main body to offer a total floor space of 1,100 sq ft, the 'Baby Girl' boasts seven 60in 3D plasma screens, a vast living area, two bathrooms, a kitchen with granite surfaces and a conference space.
Cameras mounted on the outside of the trailer offer 360-degree video security and surveillance. When a visitor hits the doorbell, the volume on the stereo system and TV drops inside and the image of the visitor appears on the various screens located throughout.

The furniture is specially designed to fold or collapse in order to accommodate the retractable top and side sections. U.S. law dictates that the height of the vehicle must be no more than 13ft 6in when on the road; with the second storey fully extended the ‘Baby Girl’ stands at a whopping 15ft 10in.

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