Monday, June 14, 2010

Vintage Trunk as end table - Elements oF Style

These pieces are
very handsome and ideally as end tables in the

living room
library or den

Antique Crocodile Skin Trunk
England 20th Century
One from a pair of exceptionally well made trunks faced with an ancient and superbly colored antique crocodile hide with particularly large scales and vintage leather.

click on image to enlarge
Measurements height:
23 inches
depth: 16.5 inches
width/length: 22.5 inches

Vintage Leather Trunk
England 20th Century
Trunks made by hand
with beautifully patinated antique leather
and brass fittings. Ideally sized as end tables.

Measurements height:
24 inches
depth: 17.5 inchesa
width/length: 18 inches

J-Class Sailcloth Trunk
England Late 20th Century
One of a limited edition of trunks superbly made by hand with an original Britannia Silk sail designed and manufactured by Ratsey & Lapthorn for the J-Class Yacht Endeavour II in 1937.

This piece is ideally as coffee table in a summer beach house in Hamptons.

click on image to enlarge
Measurements height:
20 inches
depth: 22 inches
width/length: 34 inches


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  1. So where do we buy these vintage trunks?

  2. Hi Kirsten
    You can find them at Ralph Lauren, antique shops and