Monday, February 28, 2011

Malaysia past era's architectures

my footsteps in Kuala Lumpur ...

The Victorian Era's Architecture in Malaysia

This remarkable edifice was constructed during British era, 1894 - 1897; it was named after a State Ruler, The Sultan Adbul Samad. It served as the Brit's administration center and, it became the site of the Supreme Court.
The building is constructed entirely of bricks in a Moorish-style; it was the largest of its day and the finest in the Malay states. The building has a front facade which is 450 ft ( 137.2 m) in length, and an imposing porch in the center. The porch holds three horseshoe arches and the piers supporting them are 4 ft thick. The 135 ft ( 41.2 m) central tower holds a clock that first tolled during Queen Victoria's birthday parade in 1897.
The building’s most famous feature is the clock tower in the middle, the designer’s tribute to London’s Big Ben. It makes an impressive landmark when illuminated at night.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tropical Floral Arrangement

With such lush tropical garden in front of me,
I indulged myself arranged a few floral arrangements
while I am staying here.

I like both small and large arrangement.
A large arrangement is always stunning in
a spacious room.

This arrangement just comprised
various shapes, colors and height
of foliage to create a simple arrangement.

Red, Yellow and Green color palette.

Bursting with vibrant colors!
Accentuated with some
painted feather butterflies.

Layered with 3 different colors
of Chrysanthemums
threw in some
tropical foliage
accentuated with some branches

making a nice arrangement for
entrance hall or living room.


Organic Shape

During my road trips in Malaysia, I kept thinking about organic shape. I love this teak bench below, it makes a statement, and it is a piece of art to look at. Bring nature into your living space.

This teak wood is good for outside and it is definitely good for inside.

This wood vase, would look stunning on a long modern table.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mosque Jamek, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Mosque Jamek, designed by Arthur Benison Hubbock, an architectural assistant in the Public Works and Survey Department, who was intrigued and inspired by the Mogul architecture of India.

The Mosque Jamek is situated, where two rives merged, River Klang and River Gombak. Right at this very place has the history of Kuala Lumpur started. The mosque was built in 1907 and officially opened by the Sultan of Selangor on December 23rd 1909. The mosque Jamek is the oldest mosque in Kuala Lumpur.

This is the very spot for Kuala Lumpur's history started, where the early settlers of Kuala Lumpur built their shacks. In the 1850s, early miners, mostly Chinese, would unload here their equipment and provisions. They would then trek up the jungle path to Ampang, where they would dig for tin. Mosque Jamed was the main mosque of Kuala Lumpur until The National Mosque was built in 1965 near the railway station.
The palm trees and the location on the banks of the Klang and Gombak rivers provide a tranquil setting that complements the Mosque Jamek exquisite domed tower.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

As the car racing through the winding roads ...

.. in Kelantan, Malaysia

so many familiar scenes passing by my eyes ...
when I was a little boy
I loved running to the rice field
one can find many things there

frogs, insects, fish ....

Rice field in Machang
Sugar cane field

some of the sweet stuffs in
Machang's morning market ...


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tropical Garden

My Brother & Sis-in-law's Tropical Garden
Kuala Lumpur

Often I go to The Caribbean Cut in Manhattan floral district,
New York City,
to look for tropical floral and greeneries
for floral arrangements;

here I am surrounded with endless supplies,
my creativity just racing like crazy!

Elephant Ear

Giant Fern

Green Yellow color palette

different kinds of flowers also create
various texture and colors in the garden

White Lotus in the pond

delicate hot pink Mimosa

this white flower with yellow heart
release a very sweet fragrance

Cleopatra could indeed use this scent
to seduce her 2 giant lovers!
Julius Caesar and Mark Antony


The main house

Different texture and shapes and shades in the garden