Monday, February 28, 2011

Malaysia past era's architectures

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The Victorian Era's Architecture in Malaysia

This remarkable edifice was constructed during British era, 1894 - 1897; it was named after a State Ruler, The Sultan Adbul Samad. It served as the Brit's administration center and, it became the site of the Supreme Court.
The building is constructed entirely of bricks in a Moorish-style; it was the largest of its day and the finest in the Malay states. The building has a front facade which is 450 ft ( 137.2 m) in length, and an imposing porch in the center. The porch holds three horseshoe arches and the piers supporting them are 4 ft thick. The 135 ft ( 41.2 m) central tower holds a clock that first tolled during Queen Victoria's birthday parade in 1897.
The building’s most famous feature is the clock tower in the middle, the designer’s tribute to London’s Big Ben. It makes an impressive landmark when illuminated at night.


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