Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elements oF Style: Foyer

Foyer/ Entrance

A foyer is the entryway to your home, it gives guests the first impression about who you are, and more importantly, it is the area that greets YOU when you come in from the outside world.

Below 2 pictures showing one "before" and one "after". In this foyer in Manhattan Upper West Side, we used many components to get this look. First we renovated the whole area, closed up the additional door in the foyer, enlarge the entrance door into living room with 8-foot height French doors. Recessed ceiling light and a low chandelier, also added ceiling crown and high baseboard. In term of furniture, we have pieces from Chinese, Africa and Indonesia; making an interesting and welcoming statement for a home.


Make a grand statement with the foyer, whether big or small, using the right decor can make this part of your home stand out. You need a beautiful entry door, elegant door hardware, beautiful stair railings and columns to accent your living and dining area.

Pic below show a foyer at a home in Palo Atlo, client wanted a classic look but not too much fuss. We used a classic bench with beautiful monogram on the bench, a compatible classic pedestal with a nice pot of ferns, viola!
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Foyer Decorating Tips

1. Colors: Be creative. You could try painting your foyer a different color from adjacent rooms. Warm colors appear more inviting.

2. Lighting: A dimmer is highly recommended in this area, this would allow you to control the brightness of this area. Depends the height of the ceiling, one can use a dramatic chandelier to a small scale or just recessed lighting. Always have in mind of space and scale when choosing lighting.

3.Mirror: Whatever style you chose to do, hanging mirror in the foyer is a necessity to show attractive features on the opposite wall and to give an affect of increased space. Also, this allows you to do the last minute checking on your way out to the world and, allows guests to check themselves when entering your home.

4. Art Work: This area can be use to display a gallery wall of artwork, photographes or showcase a beautiful piece of sculpture or bronze on a foyer.

5. Furniture: Do not clutter this area. A console and bench or chairs are ideal, not only a beautiful piece to look at but serve you and guests to sit down while waiting or putting on shoes.

6. Always has a vase of fresh flowers and a perfumed candle at the foyer to give it a final touch.


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  1. I found your blog when I am searching for Chinese design elements. I really love the room. Especially the Chinese character vase. And the lighting is also great. Hope to see more of your work back here.