Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TRAVEL: Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Click images to enlargeWatching sunrise at Angkor Wat was worth the trouble of waking up at 4.30 AM.

Still half asleep, I got myself to the hotel lobby at 5 AM. Sam, my Cambodian driver was already at the lobby waiting for me.
Sam was a good driver; it took him 15 mins to drive to Angkor Wat from my hotel. He was my driver for the entire period of time when I was at Siem Reap. I invited him to join me for dinner a few times, though he declined to join me for a happy hour drink at Le Grand hotel.

As usual, before I could get out the car, Sam already opened the car door for me. I walked across the dragon bridge into the Angkor Wat compound. I saw a small crowd gathered close by a pond, and many heavy duty professional cameras had already set up, I quickly found a spot to sit down. I wanted desperately a cup of Starbucks coffee though deep in my heart I was happy not to find any of these America businesses at the vicinity!
Dawn was gone and a crack of light in the distant sky, there was still no sign of sunrise yet. People began to get a little restless and impatient ... in all a sudden, people laughing and giggling, everyone seem to be energized, and all cameras turned to the other direction, clicking like a bunch of crazy paparazzi.

Well, there was a young horse came out from somewhere with a morning wood toward another horse, and the next moment 2 horses quietly doing their morning connection performance! I came to understand what it meant by horse hung!

A flock of birds flying across the sky to announce the "morning has broken" (I was thinking of Cat Stevens' song), the sky turned into red and orange, the sun rising majestically, Angkor Wat was simply looking spectacular!

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