Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ibiza Island, Spain.

My footsteps at Ibiza

Ibiza, is an ancient island with long fascinating history.
The island have been occupied and influenced by different neighbors. The name was given by the Greek; it means "pine islands". It was a sought-after destination long before tourists arrived. First the island was invaded for salt. Then it was wood. And now it is music, this island is world-known for its summer club parties and many known artists are residing here.

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Marianne is Andrew's old friend way back in London, and Dom is a prominent artist from France. They both lived in this charming farm villa on top of a hill. And now they have a little angel daughter, Arabella, whom I hope to meet up some day in the island.
Many windows and doors in Ibiza attracted my attention. My stay in Ibiza was brief and yet it generated inspirations and, left some profound memories ... 
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A Spanish Cheese pie,
garnished with cucumber, tomato and red pepper,
it was a delightful surprised for afternoon tea ...
Dom and Marianne cooking and serving paella at the courtyard.
artist at work in the studio ...A villa-courtyard with a view ....
breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner,
and endless bottles of Spanish wines
life was beautiful ....
Sunset, Man & ArchitectureArabian villageDominique Sanson is an artist, born in Paris, France, in 1949.
He lives and works in Ibiza. His paintings can be found in
private collections in Chile, Argentina, USA and
throughout European countries.

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