Monday, March 8, 2010

Beach House - Something's Gotta Give

One of my favorite movies in 2000s is " Something's gotta give". Apart from seeing a split second of Diane Keaton's nude scene and Jack Nicholson's naked butts ... the beach house in the movie was very "Hamptons", cozy and simply very comfortable.

Exterior of the house ...
a large "shingle style" house on the ocean beach.
Front porch ... surrounded with white hydrangeas
what a lovely place for afternoon tea
or read a book or taking a nap!

an extra space for entertaining in the summer ...


Living Space
loose slipcovers, not shabby, and
beach blue stripe rug
creates a very cozy and warm living space.
and fresh flowers always create a good energy!sufficient lighting is important
and table lamp is an important element to create a home

Candle light in the evening always adds a glow ...
what an ambiance!
fresh flowers in every corner
painting above the fireplace from Keaton Nelson
what a lovely corner with bookshelves in the living room!
This setting creates an extra sitting place and conversation corner
a little table for a cocktail or a cup of tea
fresh country flowers appears here again
Books always give an interesting element in a living space.

Dining Area
all shades of white and cream ... pale warm palette
Slipcovers in dining chairs ... sisal area rug
fabric from Ralph Lauren country collection probably.
more fresh flo
wers here
elegant setting and
very cozy
round table for 4 but enough room for 6!
probably can extend to 8 or 10 during Thanksgiving and holidays.

What a lovely kitchen!
lovely breakfast counter for bacon and eggs
muffins and coffee
more fresh flowers ...
lots of working counter
and storage spaces
dark wood floor and warm white cabinets
Great kitchen for baking and cooking.

study area
bookshelves on both side of the bay windows
arm chair and chaise - provide various seating
big long desk to spread out paperwork
she was a mess ...more fresh flowers to look at while working or crying ...what a lovely walk-in closet
and a lovely chinoiserie stool adds a statement!

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Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures


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