Monday, March 15, 2010

Breakfast at Wolseley

I was thinking of Audrey Hepburn in
"Breakfast at Tiffany
My host was so sure that I would enjoy the Wolseley breakfast and, I would die for the classical architecture since I have an old soul. Yes, Indeed, I enjoyed my breakfast, my eyes were checking out every details, and at the same time my mind was busy making movie of the old eras in London, and I was thinking of what outfit I should have put on coming here ... fortunately my company was drown in his morning papers so I was very "focus" in my own world! Then I got interrupted that I should check it out the grandeur of the bathroom.
I was so thrilled about the Wolseley that my poor company
had to put up with me talking about it all day!

half-boiled egg and toast stick ...
The Wolseley is a cafĂ©-restaurant in the grand European tradition located in St James’ on London’s most famous of boulevards, Piccadilly. 160 Piccadilly is a Grade II Listed Building.

In 1921, Wolseley Motors Limited commissioned the architect, William Curtis Green, to design a prestigious car showroom in London’s West End. He drew on Venetian and Florentine influences and made the interior very atmospheric with its grand pillars, arches and stairways. The Wolseley cars were displayed on the marble floor and cost between £225-£1300. Unfortunately, the cars did not sell well enough and by 1926 the Company was bankrupt.
Barclays Bank acquired the building and the branch opened for the first time in April 1927. William Curtis Green was recalled to install offices and a banking counter retaining the Japanese lacquer theme. He also designed specialized furniture including a post box and stamp machine, which is on display today. Barclays remained until 1999.
Chris Corbin and Jeremy King secured the site in July 2003 and its restoration and renovation was overseen by David Collins Architects. The Wolseley opened in November 2003.

The little logo on the placemat ...Cutlery ... simple design and good weight.the famous croissant ...The bathroom at the Wolseley!

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