Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lifestyle - SleepBOX

For those who travel a lot, "Up In The Air" ... a few hours in-transit in airport is nothing uncommon. Company expense may not cover for airport hotel for a little nap or "creative activity" but expense allowance may be sufficient for a sleeping box?

This is designed by a Russian architect company, Arch Group, to accommodate a quick nap or "creative activity" in busy urban environments.
"It is not comfortable situation, because in the modern, aggressive cities there are no opportunity to rest and relax. If you want to sleep, while waiting your plane or train, it may cause many security and hygiene problems. We believe that urban infrastructure should be more comfortable for people. For this purpose we have developed a device SLEEPBOX. It provides moments of quiet sleep and rest from the city without wasting time searching for a hotel." For more on Arch group, go to
There will be TV and WIFI connections, space for minimum luggage under the bed. This sleeping box goes from 15 mins to daily rate. The bedding would be automatically changed between users. Would it be 100% cotton sheets? And how would the pillow stay fresh? and if any garbage left behind from the previous user(s)? These are not the "selling points", I supposed.
zz..Zz..z..z..zz...zz ...Zz .....

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