Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Go WILD in Bed!


Bed is so important. And dressing up your bed is just equally important.

You need 7 - 8 hours sleep in your comfortable bed to generate all the energy for the next day. You lounge there, you read and watch TV there, when you get sick, you rest there, you chat on face book or twitter there, and you have sex there and making many many babies there ...
We spend more time in bed then anywhere else in every day living.
It is very important to have a great mattress and of course, a bed that you would love to sleep on. One does not change mattress and bed frequently, but your bedding, it has to be kept clean and fresh to have a healthy and beautiful living.

Last Tango in Paris

Bedding is a quick way to change the mood and energy of your bedroom. I often encourage clients to make it romantic and seductive, and should plan to create new bedding every season. I am not Dr. Ruth, but surely most people know that sex is a healthy exercise, and creating romance in your bedroom may just generates some flames, and that is very healthy for any relationship!
I love this bedding.
Passion Passion Passion
It is so inviting.
The bed is whispering:
Come to me baby!
Britney Spear's
Gimme more Gimeme more!

Last week I posted a piece on RED for interior
and now it is red bedding!


As shown on above picture, we used various prints of red on
bedding, wall, lampshades and table cloth,
all 100% cotton
hand block fabrics from India.

It creates rhythms, positive energy and romantic!

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