Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh, divine chocolate!

Oh, divine chocolate!
They grind thee kneeling,
Beat thee with hands praying,
And drink thee with eyes to heaven.
- Marco Antonio Orellana, 18th century

There are many great chocolatiers in Manhattan, but there is one that I am very fond of, La Maison Du Chocolat. Making chocolate is an art and French knows how to make the fine fine chocolates!

There are now 3 locations in Manhattan, Madison Avenue, Rockefeller Plaza and Wall Street; the one at Madison Avenue is the one that I patronize often.
Whether you are doing shopping on Madison Avenue or after a leisurely stroll through Central Park or seeing an exhibit at Met Museum or Frick Museum, don't forget to enjoy yourself the decadence European sweets at this New York outpost of France's premier chocolatier. Especially in the winter time, you can have a seat at the tea room and enjoy a cup of aromatic hot chocolate, catching up with friends while you attack a slice of chocolate cakes and cookies. On your way out, you can taste more chocolates and pick up some more of those heavenly chocolates and the world-famous macaroons home for yourself and your loved one.

for more info on La Maison Du Chocolate
1018 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10021

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