Monday, August 10, 2009

Snowstorm in New York City

Summer in New York City

Today the temperatures soared to high 90s F in New York City. It was hot and humid in Manhattan, it was not pretty at all! I am not a big fan for this kind of hot and sticky summer weather, guess that was why I left Malaysia at a tender age.

I am thinking of snow today. Showing some pictures of snowstorm in New York City 3 years ago may cool down this nasty temperature! lol A friend from London was staying with me, all airports shut down, offices and banks and post offices closed, many restaurants and supermarkets closed, the whole city was shut down! Everyone has a day off from work!

We went to explore Central Park's snow scenes, playing snowball fight, sliding on the snow, left our butt print on the snow! lol It was really fun! Despite the fact I knew Central Park so well, with 26" of snow on the ground and the snow kept coming down fiercely, I nearly lost in the white white world!

The snow storm at Central Park was so beautiful and surreal.
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