Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bring PASSION into your living space.

When in doubt wear red.
~ Bill Blass ~

"Oh, I love red. I"m very loyal to my colors. I love violet."
~ Elizabeth Taylor ~
Red is one of the 3 primary colors, without red, we only have 2 colors to work with. Colors can transform your living space very quickly, and it is the most economical way. I always encourage people to bring colors into their life, it is so much fun to live with colors.

I love red.
It is red carpet.
......It is romantic.
............It is passion.
I have done a number of red walls for clients, and including my living room. There are various shades of red, finishes and techniques one can use. I am mostly using paints from Benjamin Moore and Farrow & Ball.

The red wall in New York City bedroom is inspired from a painting, there are different shades and sizes of red , it is an art on the wall. It creates passion.

The room in England, the country estate is surrounded by woods and winter weather becomes very gloomy, the red textured wall creates rhythms and generate life!

My living room in NYC, the red textured wall similar to the one in England, the color transforms from morning to afternoon to night, it generates energy!
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If you are a handy person and you have the time, it could be fun to paint your own apartment. Try it out with a small room or closet. Do-it-yourself may be more tedious that you prepare for.

If you can't decide a color and finishes, best to consult a designer. And leave the paint job to a professional painter.

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