Thursday, August 27, 2009


Going crazy with Tartan
I am always fond of Tartan ....
I find it is very inspiring.

I have plaid shirts, shorts, pants, sarong,
coats, umbrella, socks, caps, blanket ...

though I must say I haven't done any interior space with tartan.
I hope someday I would have the opportunity to do a room with
tartan wall and ceiling, sofa and chairs,
lampshades and throws,
carpet and draperies, ...

Romancing the plaids.
Both Princess Diana and Marcus looked beautiful and sexy in plaid.
These items in plaid are so adorable!
Plaid looking charming in contemporary interior.Even a car interior looking sleek in plaid! Both men and women look seXy in plaid.
If you want to know and be inspired by tartan,
I highly recommended the book below.
You can order from or call Rizzoli directly.


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