Friday, February 19, 2010

Saint Laurent's Secret Moroccan Garden

Morocco was one of Saint Laurent's true loves and it is no wonder the man owned some highly impressive properties in Marrakech and Tangier.
Inside the Majorelle Garden.
A color was named after this unique shade of blue,
Majorelle blue.

"Refined interior design by renowned decorator Jacques Grange accentuates an atmosphere of impressive space and architectural clarity. Beautiful gardens surround the main house, which opens through a Moorish-style entry flowing into a lobby with white Moroccan arcades.

The house as seen by the interior designer:
"it was based on the house of an eccentric Englishman who moved into Tangier in the 1950s. Yves waned chintz, with each room a single color - a blue room, a yellow room. It was like decorating a house for people out of a play by Tennessee Williams.

Owned by the YSL/Bergé duo since 1998, it boasts a cool 3,000 sq meters and two acres worth of landscaped grounds, with palm and lemon trees, a swimming pool that was literally carved into the stone... all of this with sweeping views across Gibraltar all the way to Andalusia.
Two extensive master suites, three guest rooms and various
drawing rooms are only a few of the extras.

Source: Swide

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