Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beautiful Living - My Sanctuary

My Sanctuary

... inspires me to bring outdoor
insides the living space

Nearly every morning as this season begins, my alarm wakes me up at 6.59 AM, watching "Joyce Meyer" at 7.00 AM; jump in the shower at 7.25 AM; I am at the Carl Schurz Park just before 8 AM with my coffee and chocolate croissant. This morning I brought " A Year in Provence" with me.
I say good morning to the trees in the park ... some of these trees have been here since before my time, and they are probably still here way after I am gone ... the birds are chirping and a few people walking their dogs and some joggers running by the promenade. A peaceful and invigorating morning!
Sitting at the bench, sipping my coffee ... I hear the waves rushing against the rocks along the river edge, creates a morning calming melody, the leaves and branches dancing in the morning breezes, humming some lovely notes ... the river surface sparkling beautifully each time every shaft of light kissing the river.
Looking up the morning blue sky through the lovely branches and green leaves, a beautiful picture. in my mind. I hear a voice in my head: How would I create this look in an interior space?
Instantly I think of my mural artist could create a wall of branches with leaves, with that translucent blue sky.... I also discovered a Stark Wallcovering would do just the same effect, and that lovely violet purple color sofa is awesome.
Young and Hip!
Invigorating and fresh!


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