Thursday, October 22, 2009

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - 50th Anniversary

a beautiful fall morning in NYC ...

Since Guggenheim Museum opened in 1959, it has been considered as one of the most renowned buildings constructed in this century, it was designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
The museum celebrates the 50th anniversary by hosting a major exhibition of Kandinsky's art that will remain on view through Jan 13, 2010. The museum waived the admission fees on Oct 21 to mark the celebration.
It was a beautiful day in NYC, I was convinced by friends to join in the line to take advantage of the free admission; I am very lucky that the museum is in my hood, it took me just a few to get there.
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As we reached the top floor, a passage brought us to a huge square room with very high ceiling, we saw a shimmering gold beaded curtain from ceiling to floor, sweeping around each time people getting in or out. As we passed through the curtain, a sheet of gold was placed in the middle of the floor; we were told it weighted 2 lbs. Voila!
1866 - 1944
~ Couple Riding ~
1906 Oil on canvas
~ Autumn Landscape with Boats ~
Oil on canvas

~ Composition IV ~
Oil on canvas

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