Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Elements oF Style - Ceiling Light

Hand crafted light fixture

Last night IIDF meeting was held at Bright Group Showroom located at 200 Lexington, everyone was excited sharing about new marketing plan one has for the new season and in 2010. Meanwhile, I spotted a few light fixture that I like in the showroom, they are great for residential and hospitality projects.
This hand-blown glass collection from Charles Loomis, it is elegant and make a statement either in an updated classic to contemporary interior. There are 3 choices of colors and available diameters from 24" to 36". I love the amber color the most but it is all depends on the color scheme and other elements in a space.

~ Patois Frizzante Pendant ~

~ Pallina Pendant ~The Pallina pendant available in a variety of glass bubble textures, colors and configurations; and diameters from 8 - 14". I like the glass ball with beads, it gives an interesting texture.

~Stix Pendant~
This small pendant caught my attention as well, it available in 9" to 15" diameters. This would be great for a small space or use as a pair in a dining room.

All images from Bright showroom
For more information on products
contact Walter Van Der Wahl
at Bright showroom

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