Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Boat House" Living

How would you like to spend your
summer days in this boat?
Let's get on board!
This is not just a normal boat house, it is a collaboration between French luxury brand Hermès and Monaco-based yacht maker Wally to deliver this simply marvelous "living". This Wally-Hermes yacht is abbreviated as WHY.
spacious lounge
The yacht is 58 meter long and 38 meters wide, it comes with 3 decks , a 25 -meter swimming pool on board and a 36-meter beach along the back, sauna, gym, massage room, music room, a dining room, a cinema, a helicopter pad. The decks are connected by stairs and there is also an elevator. It has all the latest hi-tech equipment, modern structure, and stylish living spaces.

The suite of the owner
a round bathtubindoor and outdoor living spaces
is this a brilliant lifestyle? dinning table for 16
a little too small for you?

WHY is not only luxury but it is also a "green" living, it has a solar panels all along its exposed surface ( 900 sq meters) and reduces consumption of fuel, in addition to that, it has recycling arrangement for all organic and inorganic waste.

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