Sunday, April 25, 2010

Singing in the rain -Sweet April Showers

~ Beautiful Living ~

Sweet April Showers

keep falling on my head
I am singing in the rain
Life is beautiful
what's the color of your umbrella?

Make a statement with your umbrella.
When you invest in an expensive umbrella
not only it uplifts your spirit in a raining day
and most likely you would not leave it behind
and you may just simply "singing in the rain"!

Fulton's Golden LilyBurberry's April Umbrella

Fulton's Umbrella

Fulton's Puppy tooth
Fulton's Bird Cage

Chantal Thomas' Guy de Jean Minet
Fulton's Eliza Rose Sepia

Fulton's Commissioner
Tartan Umbrella

Chantal Thomas' Jean Kiosque

Chantal Thomas' Marie

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