Saturday, April 3, 2010

Veronica Franco - Dangerous Beauty

Veronica Franco

(1546 - 1591)

was an Italian poet and intellectual courtesan
of 16th century Venice; She was trained by
her mother who was also a courtesan. She
became educated and boasted a
considerable standard of
literary and artistic skill.

"When we too are armed and trained, we can convince men that we have hands, feet, and a heart like yours; and although we may be delicate and soft, some men who are delicate are also strong; and others, coarse and harsh, are cowards. Women have not yet realized this, for if they should decide to do so, they would be able to fight you until death; and to prove that I speak the truth, amongst so many women, I will be the first to act, setting an example for them to follow."
~ Veronica Franco~

This movie continues to impress and inspire me.
Venetian Mask


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