Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Foliage Sofa

A piece of furniture for your living space 
that may remind you of outdoor living.
This sofa created by Patricia Urquiola for the Italian manufacturer Kartell. 

A framework similar to tree branches thermoplastic supports the seat of polyurethane foam with a layer of quilted fabric elastic. As described by Kartell: Leaf is a sofa with a strong personality, with a seat with top-stitched embroidery on all fours. Comfortable and soft, Foliage offers two spacious locations. The top seam extends along the entire surface and on the back of the sofa also doing an independent entity that can be placed in the center of a room and seen from all sides.

This sofa is good for small spaces, casual seating. It is lively, it is suitable for young person to elderly. A sofa for all ages!


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