Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seatings from Philippe Starck

I love Philippe Starck.
I don't love every piece from him,
but I love many interesting and brilliant pieces from him.

This chair from Philippe Starck 2009 collection.

I like this chair.
I find it is sensual and seXy!
This is also from Philippe Starck his 2009 collection.
This make an interesting element in a lobby or living space.

This giant planter from his 2008 collection.

I like it!
It'd be a winner for any hospitality project;
and those who has big terrace or indoor garden
would make a great statement as well.
It is like a sculpture!

All images from Philippe Starck.


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  1. I like some pieces from Philippe Starck, but I think the juicer 'Juicy Salif' for Alessi Collection is fantastic. I also like some of the chairs in your post! Philip Starck's designs are geared to massive production, reason why are suitables for all audiences.
    INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, is original but affordable! I like that!!

  2. Very much appreciated for your comments and information. Keep it up! Cheers!