Monday, December 21, 2009

Beautiful Living - Christmas is here in Manhattan!

Christmas in Manhattan!

I took a stroll with my camera in Upper East Side
and I came across some of these
lovely Christmas decors.

Life is beautiful when you take time
to look at what is around you.

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This home just next to my apartment,
just the greenery and the red bows make it so beautiful!

snow on this wreath makes it so adorable!

This wreath escaped from snow ...
gives this window a great statement!

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This is splendid! This is so Christmassy!
I was thinking, the Christmas tree inside the house
must be gorgeous!

Isn't this cute!
Christmas is not only for kids!

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I love this red door!
A wreath on this red door is just simply spectacular!

Just red hollies and greenery
this is so charming at the entrance!
No fake snow!

A simple wreath makes this window so lovely!

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Another simple wreath makes
this entrance so welcoming.

Snow covers this tree and red berries
nothing else is needed to make this beautiful!

Snow on Christmas tree
what else would you need?

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How could you not stopping at this window
and watching the train running around and around
the small gingerbread houses?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kris!

    Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures! You're right; these images warm the heart and tickle the senses. I feel even more "Christmassy" now than I did earlier! Now you have to show us what you did with your own tree, too. I can only imagine how pretty it must be...

    I hope that the rest of your season is as blissful and beautiful as you can stand it.