Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beautiful Living - Art & Furniture

Michael Goedhuis Contemporary Gallery has just given another great exhibit of Chinese Contemporary art. The artist, You Si (游思), from Beijing, explores new possibilities of ink painting by using an eyedropper to deploy colors and ink on the xuan paper.

The artist is not shy with colors. One can see and feel in each piece of his art is filled with imaginations, emotions and rhythms. Each piece of art brings you to an unknown world, arouse your emotion, provoke your inspirations, increase your heartbeats, and you just want to get up and dance.

Michael Goedhuis
always looking great and always smiling!

The art inspires me and I can't help to group them with some of the furniture that caught my recent attention. I simply placed the furniture with the art the way I thought they compliment each other.

click on image to enlarge
You Si's Blossom
 Sofa from DDC

You Si's The Passage Between Space-Time
Cromwell sofa from Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman

You Si's Evolving Garden
 Sharon Sofa Bench from Bright

click in image to enlarge
You Si's The Wave in the Outer Space
 Chair from Rudin

You Si's Existing Dynamics
 Lorin Quilted Sofa from Bright

You Si's The Wave in the Outer Space
 Sofa from Rudin

You Si's Beginning of a Strange Point
Pair of Deco All Seasons China Chairs ( 1930s)
, Red Pagoda.


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  1. Lovely! That’s definitely better than buying it styled. I love anything furnitures. :) I think that’s real skill right there, our ability to create. Keep up the great work and please stop by my contemporary furniture site sometime. Keep it up..

  2. Hello furniture
    Thank you for your support. I would love to see your products, but I can't access your site. You may have to change your site for public to access it.