Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beautiful Living - Bathroom

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I love these bathrooms featured in House Beautiful.
Taking bath is one of my favorite things on earth!
... a little of scented bath oil,
scented candle,
It is heaven!

This elegant bathroom in Arizona designed by
Dana Lyon.
A view of a private enclosed garden!?
... with a luxurious Empire tub and
polish nickel Etoile fixtures
from Waterworks.
... and that lovely chandelier
have a cup of tea or a glass of champagne ...
Life is beautiful!

This is awesome!

A modern bathroom designed by Vicente Wolf
(one of my favorite designers)

with Clodagh Collections's Zen Cash-concrete tub

(Audrey Clodagh is another favorite designer of mine)
on a concrete slab inside the glassed-in shower
enclosure to make it

" a sculptural focal point".

Everything look so clean and Zen,

what a perfect place to take a bath

after a long day of work in the city!

A casual white bathroom designed
by William Hodgins.
... definitely can take a soothing bath here
with that ceiling height and other details ,
I probably would have used a simple chandelier
and remove the lower curtains.
Again, a garden view to look at while taking bath ...
this is awesome!

A luxurious bathroom by Karyl Pierce Paxton.
Open to the courtyard, the sink base is an 18th-century
French buffet with Kohler fixtures.
A perfect place to take a bath
and relax with a glass of champagne!

This traditional bathroom with a twist
designed by Paolo Moschino.
Deep bathtub with a garden view
and a 19th century English secretary
makes a great statement.
I can be in the bath all day!

all images from House Beautiful


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