Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kings Cross Station @ London

New Meets Old
Kings Cross station in London was opened in 1852 and it is a key station in Londons railway network. The solid built station became dingy and dark; it went through renovation and it is now lively and uplifting just on time for Olympic Game 2012 in London.

The new Western Concourse opens the station up, improves passenger circulation and amenities, and creates a better connection with the connecting metro station. Designed by Arup, the semi-circular concourse rises 20 m in height and spans the full 150m-length of the existing Western Range building by cleverly incorporating the restored brickwork and masonry features of the historic structure. The juxtaposition of the new and the old references the past while surging on into the future. The new vaulted canopy not only brings critical natural daylight into the space, but also provides new retail, support and administrative facilities necessary for the future of Londons rail. 

Image Hufton + Crow 

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