Friday, June 8, 2012

Canosan Pottery

 “The world is a book 
and those who do not travel read only one page.” 
- St. Augustine

This pair of pottery at an auction house caught my attention - I realized it was the the vibrant colors which seem to be quite unusual!

Canosan Pottery Volute-Kraters
Apulia, circa early 3rd Century B.C.

Each decorated in bright polychromy over white slip, the obverse with a winged Nike driving a quadriga to the left, the goddess' wings and her chariot box in blue, the horses with varies coats, one with its head turned back, ovolo on the shoulders, a scale pattern on the neck, vertical lines on the rim; the reverse with a winged head of Nike amidst scrolling tendrils, with blue wings and dark red curly hair, wave on the shoulders, laurel on the neck, pink and blue rays along the foot, the volutes molded with mascaroons on both sides.

Height 20 3/8" (51.8cm)


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