Monday, November 5, 2012

1130 Fifth Avenue New York City

New York City

“A HUNDRED TIMES have I thought New York 
is a catastrophe and 50 times: 
It is a beautiful catastrophe.” 
- Le Corbusier

The 1915 Willard D. Straight House - No. 1130 Fifth Avenue
Architects Delano & Aldrich. 

'On November 12 - 1913, Straight, who was a financier with the J. P. Morgan Company as well as a publicist and diplomat, purchased the lot at the southeast corner of 5th Avenue and 94th Street for $300,000. Straight had already bought the lot on the opposite, northeast corner. The millionaire intended to “erect a fine residence,” said The New York Times, “while the other corner may be resold to a congenial neighbor who will improve with a large residence.” 

'The home would become the city’s first museum and educational facility dedicated solely to the art of photography.'

'In 2001, the notoriously private billionaire Bruce Kovner purchased the house for $17 million. The hedge fund magnate spent another $10 million in restoring and reconverting it to residential use.'


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