Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Melody - Photo Gallery

Month of May

" The World's favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May."

- Edwin Way Teale -

Come and share
my footsteps
I love taking pictures
anything that caught my eyes
These pictures are not shown in any particular order
I just randomly selected from my library
in hope that some of these pictures may
inspire or bring you a smile on your face.

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Toulouse France
month of May

Clovelly England

month of August

A Kiss
Big Sur California
month of November

Spring Flower
Manhanttan NY

month of April

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The Ruin at Angkar Wat

month of April

Rhythms of Water
Manhattan NY

month of April

French Country
Limoge France

month of May

Manhattan NY

month of April

Sunset at Central Park
Manhattan NY

month of July

Red Door
Knightshayes, Devon, England
month of August

Seafood Stall
Paris France

Month of June

Boat People
Halong Bay, Vietnam

month of May

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  1. love the door and the other red door and the water and the seafood!! great eye MR ONG!!

  2. Thank you Juan Borona for your kind supports!
    The "reflection" pic is for You!