Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Gallery

July is here!

Look around carefully
there are many
little little miracles in everyday life
that could inspire us ...

What's your response on each of this pic?

Lily at Carl Schurz Park

Man in Angkor Watt ... Cambodia.

"Grandfather and grandchildren"
Senior Green with Henry and Reuben ...
driving his new toy at Southey Farm.

Joe's dragon tattoo ...
crawling from big bicep to shoulder
and down to the chest
"Country Living"
outhey Farm ... Green fixing the fence.

" A quiet afternoon"
A man canoeing on Cambridge University Campus, England.

Man on a bench ... Carl Schurz Park, NYC.

"Nothing last forever"
Sailing into the sunset at New York City Harbor.

Ducks resting on Central Park Reservoir

" Architecture"
Rooftops - Upper East Side, New York

" A trace of sorrow"
Floating leaves .... Central Park

"The Glorious Day"
English Mansion

Jamel Morris House, NYC

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